Let me tell you about what happened to me the other day. I was wasting my time on TikTok when I stumbled upon a video that immediately caught my attention. In it, an evangelist was facing off with a skeptical man on a university in the United States. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, with the crowd gathered to witness the clash of arguments between the two protagonists.

The man in tie and jacket, with a mocking smile, threw a challenging question at the evangelist: “Where is Jesus’ tomb?” His words, full of skepticism, elicited laughter from those present, but the evangelist calmly replied, “The tomb is empty because Jesus rose from the dead.”

However, the skeptic wasn’t easily convinced. He challenged the evangelist’s response, questioning the truth of the resurrection: “If Jesus rose, where is he now for us to see, if he’s not dead?” The evangelist, with a firm yet calm voice, confronted the skeptic’s doubts. He detailed Jesus’ encounters with his followers after his resurrection, narrating the appearances that occurred after this event. He quoted Matthew 28:6, where the message of an angel to the women at the empty tomb is recorded: “He is not here; he has risen.”

The discussion delved into the roots of Christianity and the uniqueness of Jesus as the central figure of the faith. The evangelist highlighted the difference between Jesus and the prophets of other religions. He quoted John 14:9, where Jesus says, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father,” thus emphasizing Christ’s divinity.

The conversation grew deeper as the evangelist explored Jesus’ identity as God incarnate. He quoted John 1:14, where Jesus is described as “the Word made flesh,” and emphasized the importance of this revelation in understanding the Christian faith.

The evangelist addressed the topic of Jesus’ sacrifice and its significance for humanity’s redemption. He quoted Hebrews 10:10, which speaks of Christ’s unique sacrifice, and explained how this act fulfilled the divine purpose of reconciling humanity to itself. The discussion invited the audience to reflect on the deeper meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice in the context of their own lives.

Finally, the evangelist concluded by highlighting the importance of Jesus’ resurrection as the cornerstone of Christianity. He quoted Isaiah 53:5, which prophesies the suffering and resurrection of the Messiah, and underscored the coherence between these prophecies and Jesus’ life. He invited the audience to examine the testimony of the Scriptures and consider its relevance in their own lives.

The skeptical man doesn’t believe it’s worth accepting the Christian faith, nor does he believe it holds any value for anyone. Faced with such skepticism, the evangelist poses the final questions, saying the following: “Imagine for a moment that, yes, at the end of times when our time here on earth concludes and we face eternity, we realize that, indeed, you were right and there’s no life after death and that Jesus Christ’s resurrection ultimately had no meaning in eternity. I ask you, what did you lose by following Christ and living rightly in God’s eyes?” The skeptic replied, saying, “Nothing, I lost nothing.” “Now, imagine that your days have come to an end, and you face death. You decide not to believe what the Bible says about Christ, eternal life, and living a righteous life before God, and on the other hand, in eternity and life after death, everything the Bible said was true. But you chose not to live rightly before God and rejected Christ’s sacrifice and his resurrection. I ask you, what did you lose?” concludes the evangelist. The skeptic responds, saying, “I lost everything.” The evangelist says, “Personally, I wouldn’t risk ‘betting on the unknown’ knowing that in the end, I wouldn’t lose anything at all, because in reality from any point of view following Christ and living a righteous life before God makes more sense than not being ready at all for eternal life.

Now I want you to think about this: Imagine standing before Jesus’ empty tomb. It’s a moment of reverent silence, where the heart beats deeply, as if the very heavens hold their breath in anticipation of the miraculous. You find yourself confronted with the most powerful evidence that life can flourish where death once reigned, and that love transcends the grave.

At this moment, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the depth of Christ’s sacrifice and the significance of his resurrection. It’s not just an ancient story repeated year after year; it’s the truth that resonates deep within you, calling you to reflection and transformation.

Christ’s resurrection is not just a historical event; it’s the promise of eternal life, redemption, and renewal for all who approach Him with humility and faith. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest moments of our lives, there is a light that never goes out, a hope that never fades.

As you contemplate the empty tomb today, you realize that Christ’s resurrection is not just for those who lived two thousand years ago, but for you, here and now. It’s a call to leave behind the past and embrace the future with courage and confidence in God’s redeeming love.

Today amid the Easter celebration, don’t lose sight of the profound meaning of the resurrection. Allow yourself to immerse in God’s infinite grace, in His unconditional love that encompasses everything. Let Christ’s resurrection be more than just a story you hear; let it be an experience that transforms your life and leads you to a deeper relationship with your Creator.

This resurrection Sunday, you can encounter the reality of God’s love manifested in the resurrection of His Son. Let go of your fears and doubts; embrace the truth that in Christ there is life, hope, and forgiveness for all who sincerely seek Him.

May Christ’s resurrection be more than a story for you; may it be a living reality that transforms every aspect of your being. And at the end of your days, you stand before Jesus’ empty tomb with gratitude and joy, knowing that He has overcome sin and death, and that His victory is your eternal hope.

In the stillness of dawn lies the empty tomb. Hope shines forth in the blue sky of peace. The resurrection, an eternal melody of love, transforms the soul, filling us with fervor. On that rugged cross, our redemption was accomplished. In that empty tomb, victory was proclaimed. Jesus is alive and His light shines with splendor, guiding our steps with His radiant eternity.

Written by Eli Navas, Friendship Manager at Helping Hands Street Mission

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