Helping Hands turned 20 years old!

Helping Hands turned 20 years old!

20 years of helping. 20 years of community. 20 years of creating a space for belonging and love and support. 20 years of sharing resources. 20 years of amazing friends, volunteers, staff and donors.

20 years of coffee being poured and friendships being built.

At this celebration, we had our doors open to the whole community and had an incredibly diverse turn out of friends, volunteers, past volunteers and staff, board members, community partners and leaders.  Everyone was welcome to connect, to find out how things are going and see first-hand how our drop-in programs run.

The festive atmosphere provided opportunity for people just walking by to check us out as well. One couple just happened to be walking the street simply looking for a place to buy a coffee and were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed into the festivities. They took the time to learn more about us, take some resources and ask how they can support us.

We were honoured to have MP Matthew Green attend our event to present us with an award of recognition for 20 years of service in the community of Hamilton Centre. It was a wonderful opportunity to share with him about the growth we have experienced in the past few years, and our hopes and dreams for the future.

During this event, we all felt the limitations of space and accessibility of our current building. We managed to celebrate with more than 90 people across the afternoon and at some points had around 35 people in our cafe at one time. For anyone who has been in our space, this meant it was a full house, and really showcased our need for an accessible building with more space.

As a community, we have filled this place with love and respect for 20 years. We look forward to you continuing to walk with us into the next 20 years!Join us at our Gala on Thursday October 12 (5:30-9:30pm) to continue celebrating this milestone with us! Purchase your tickets HERE today.

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