Open Streets – Barton!

Open Streets – Barton!

On Sunday July 16 and Sunday August 20, we participated in Barton Open Streets.  We joined many community partners, restaurants, and other organisations for a bike- and walk-only party on Barton St. from Sherman to Victoria. 

There was live music, games, food and so many other fun things to do! There were lots of people walking and biking up and down the street, and it was so enjoyable to be part of the fun in community. 

Helping Hands hosted a booth with crafts and games that offered us a great opportunity to connect with many community members and friends! We played bean bag toss, ladder ball and ring toss. We set up a station to continue some collaborative art with the greater community. Each person who stopped by had the opportunity to paint a rock with a word or picture that symbolised love, belonging or community. We ended up with a beautiful assortment of rocks that we look forward to displaying. 

We particularly would like to celebrate The Meeting House Hamilton, who challenged their congregation to engage with their community by participating in Open Streets – Barton on August 20th. What a great way to get to know your community, by just having fun together!

Join us again at open streets from 12-4pm on Sept 17th for more fun, games, art and community. 

— Rachel Stoesz (Summer CSJ Staff, Recreational Activities & Program Coordinator)

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